Thanks to our co-operators – farmers who grow certified organic fruit, we opened the biggest factory in Macedonia that produces organic juices – BIOPLANT.

It is our commitment to produce juices with the quality that will match the home-made juices – or even better! Since you do not have organic fruit at home at all times, and we have it at our disposal throughout the year, and due to the fact that we use the latest technology to produce natural fruit juices, we decided to offer you pressed organic juice in a bottle that you can drink everywhere and at all times.
We know that for you and your dearest, when it comes to the quality, there is no compromise! That is why we do not make any compromise with our juices – we use only the best organic fruit, we carefully chose it, wash it, grind it and press it, shortly pasteurize it in order to create vacuum which will prevent the air reaching the juice in the glass package, and finally, we cover the glass package with a special foil which prevents adverse influence of sunlight to the quality and taste of the juice, and provides opportunity for unique and distinguished design at the same time.
With ISO 9001 quality and ISO 22000 food safety certifications, Bioplant meets quality standards that allow us to gain business from customers who are required to do business with ISO-certified suppliers.

Bioplant juices do not contain water, sugar, preservatives, emulsions, artificial colours or taste enhancers. Juices have the same intensive taste and smell as the fruit they have been made of.
Why do we use only 100% organic fruit? If the fruit is not organic, large part of the chemicals used in the cultivation process (synthetic pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals, synthetic fertilisers, hormones and other harmful substances), will also become part of the juice.

Bioplant Organic Goji Raspbbery Juice
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Bioplant Organic Goji Apple Juice

We opted only for organic fruit, produced on clean and heathy soil, in clean environment, without chemical treatment. The fruit used for juice production is certified by an official certification authority. Our whole production is certified by European standards.
Due to the fact that organic fruit is less prevalent and more expensive, our production facility is not as big as production facilities used for processing conventional fruit. Maybe our capacity is small, but we do not offer quantity, but quality! 100% organic quality!