The motive for establishing BIOPLANT company was to offer something new and fresh in Macedonian agrobusiness – to offer highly profitable plants which can provide a profit which is unparallel to any other plant and to guaranty the sale of the crops.

BIOPLANT has the only goji berry garden centre in Macedonia for production of certified seedling material controlled by experts of the Faculty for Agricultural Sciences and Food in Skopje.

Apart from the seeding material, BIOPLANT offers something which is the most important thing for every producer – it guarantees the sale of the goji berry crop and prompt payment. BIOPLANT provides free production technology for its partners, and BIOPLANT team of experts is available for free consultations and advices.

BIOPLANT is a subsidiary of ANIMA DOOEL Skopje (, which was established in 2001 and which holds ISO9001:2015 quality and ISO 22000:2018 food safety certificates.